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We are pleased to introduce ourselves as Al-Hamdani For Export Yemeni (Mocha) Coffee, Owned by Al-Hajj Ali Ahmed Al-Hamdani & Sons, the greatest producer and source of Yemeni Coffee in Yemen.

We spent more than 130 years in this field. Our current branch located at Boa'an - Bani Matar - was selected as the head office of our company because this place (Bani Matar) is the place where the Matari coffee, which is the best quality coffee, is planting and it has got and strategic site in the reputed regions of planting coffee from ancient time.Al-Hamdani_Coffee_01_en

Farmers come to this place from all coffee selling areas to sell their products in a continuous way up to now. The company owns wide areas of Matari coffee farms.
In 1990 the capital, Sana'a, has been selected to be the head office for administration of our company and has been extended by establishing many branches in the Arab Gulf countries.

Al-Hamdani company for producing and exporting Yemeni Mocha Coffee is the main supporter for Yemeni coffee farmers in all Yemen regions. The company provides with annual financial credits to coffee farmers even when cultivating the corps. Then coffee will be collected from all coffee planting areas in Yemen by a net of agents in those areas in addition to our local branches.

Our company is considered as one of the establishers of Yemen Mocha Coffee association, Al-Hamdani_Coffee_02_en
which has been newly founded in the beginning of the year 2007. This association deals with encouraging and supporting coffee farmers in all the areas of the republic. It maintains the quality and reputation of the Yemeni Mocha Coffee against other foreign companies exploiting the name of Mocha for marketing their non-Yemen products, which have not any relations to the Yemeni Coffee.
Our company is proud to present the real Yemen Mocha coffee to enable the world to know the special advantages of the Yemen Mocha Coffee than other coffee.

Given the close relationship between our company and the Yemeni coffee, which may increase the 100-year, as well as the prominent role and the key role of our company is currently in the collection, production and export of Yemeni coffee as well as in marketing and promotion through our participation in many conferences and international exhibitions and the distribution of free samples in addition to our participation in many events domestic and foreign all of these contributions have had a positive role in the occupation of our company for the first center for Yemeni coffee exporters according to the report issued by the management of agricultural exports in Yemen for the period since 2006 to current time.

In this way Al-Hamdani company is become the main center of Yemeni mocha coffee and exporting Yemeni mocha coffee to gulf countries and many other European countries. Al-Hamdani is the main supplier for the coffee to local companies exporting coffee as well.