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Natural Methods for harvesting the coffee crop:

Harvesting of coffee in Yemenis prevailing in traditional methods. Farmers often harvest the crop in stages whereas the crop is harvested in a way that permits keeping its good quality and competition. When ever the color of the crop due to bright red color the farmer starts to harvest it. he color will change into light red until it ripens and the color changes to violet or dark gray for cutting by the farmer. In this case it is immediately harvested.




The farmer will be careful to collect the harvest especially the crops that ripen on the same time and separate them to guarantee good quality and flavor of the product. He also separates the falling crops so as not to affect the quality of the coffee because they are full of humidity.

Draught of Coffee:

Draught of coffee is the most complicated process of preparing the harvest for marketing so it requires more care from the farmers to ensure the required quantity and flavor. After the collection of the harvest it will be exposed to sunlight and placed in dry areas for ten days upto 2 weeks.


Removing Shells:

Peeling of the coffee crop is representing the last step for marketing coffee. This process is to automatically removing the shell from the green coffee.



Then to get rid of any uninterested parts from the green coffee so as to be pure (100%), Then it will be marketed and exported.


Our company is considered as one of the establishers of Yemen Mocha Coffee association, which has been newly founded in the beginning of the year 2007. This association deals with encouraging and supporting coffee farmers in all the areas of the republic. It maintains the quality and reputation of the Yemeni Mocha Coffee against other foreign companies exploiting the name of Mocha for marketing their non-Yemen products, which have not any relations to the Yemeni Coffee.