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Yemen Mocha Coffee:
Yemen is reputed from ancient time by planting Mocha coffee, which is the best type of coffee in the world. Yemen is the original place for coffee and the Yemeni people are the first ones who planted this crop and let it be the first drink in the world level.


Yemeni coffee is distinguished with its unique flavor and fashionable taste, which is not found in any other coffee. It does not need any definition because it internationally reputed since ancient times and called “Yemen Mocha” as related to Mocha reputed port where the coffee was exported through it in that time. It is still known by this name in many world countries up to now.



We are sorry for exploiting such name (Mocha Coffee” by many foreign companies for promoting their Non-Yemen coffee products.

Scientific studies made by international and Arabic institutions concerned with coffee planting, proved that, Yemen is the only country of the world where the coffee tree is planted in different climate factors differs from other areas of the world.


Coffee Planting Zones:

Yemen coffee is planted in different regions in the country extending at 1000-1700 m above sea level, in valleys descending from the western, central and southern heights and in mountains steps especially in the ranges opposite to Tehamma. The planted area of coffee is between 900-1000 trees per one hectare.


The warm climate and the sufficient quantity of water is the ideal environment for coffee tree growing. The skillful of the Yemeni farmer is clear in the plain mountains steps at height reaching 1700 m over sea level whereas these steps of coffee to what is similar to hanging gardens.

Kinds of Yemen Coffee:

World defines the Yemen coffee by MOCHA COFFEE and others call the Yemen coffee the (ARABS COFFEE” and it is the best quality of coffee. There are many names for coffee related to the planting place such as Matari Coffee, Hamadi Coffee, Haiymi Coffee, Bura’ee Coffee, Harazi Coffee, and Odaini Coffee.

Coffee is sorted into three categories according to its quality:

  • Matari Coffee and Ismaieli Coffee are on the top class.
  • Sanani Coffee is in the second class.
  • Haiymi Coffee is in the third class.